Slideway Shade Systems

Slide Away shade systems are a great product if you want shade in summer but light in winter.  These shade systems are ideal for spans between buildings or structures. Posts can also be installed to provide anchor points.  With with widths of up to 5.8m possible and projections out to 11m and beyond (subject to suitable attachment points) Slide Away shade systems are a great choice for large areas.

The shade fabric is available in a wide range of colours with shading properties in the order of 95% UV block.  Generally manually operated these shades are an economic alternative to motorized folding arm awnings and or conservatory awnings. Motorization is also possible for slide away shade systems.

Built with stainless steel hardware and marine-grade pulleys, this style of shade system is ideal for coastal environments as they can be left out in the open without significant deterioration.

Slide Away shade systems are made here in Adelaide by one of our reputable suppliers. Contact us today to arrange a measure and quote!