Repairs & Maintenance

I can provide a one-stop shop for all of your awning, roller shutter, Ziptrak and internal blind repairs. I have a significant number of suppliers to provide parts, replacements and or repairs to a wide range of products for most brands of roller shutters, folding arm awnings, and or café blinds.

Awning re-skins are a relatively cheap option of regaining that new look for your folding arm, automatic or fall arm awning. Usually the mechanics of these products are serviceable and a new skin can prolong the life of the awning and more often than not spruce up the shade product!

From strap replacements on roller shutters to full replacement of shutters I can again provide a one-stop solution. I carry a large range of spare parts on board and if I don’t have it on hand I can usually source the required components very quickly.

Are you finding that the winder mechanism on your roller shutter is becoming too hard or too tedious to operate? It might be time to convert a motorised shutter! They are cheaper than a new shutter and a 240v electric or solar-powered shutter is only a phone call away.

Ziptrak having been around for many years with thousands of blinds installed and in use.  If your retailer is no longer around (and there are plenty that aren’t) call me. I am happy to provide service to all Ziptrak installations to ensure that the Ziptrak name is held high. I carry a wide range of spare parts and if I don’t have it, it’s not far away!