Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are increasing in popularity for their thermal properties.

Available in a lovely range of colours with block out, sheer, and translucent fabrics available.

The cellular blinds have the ability of having the blind stack at the top and come down, or stack at the bottom and come up as well as being able to have a panel in the middle of the window, this system known as top down bottom up.

Cellular blinds can have cordless operation without the use of motorization. Motorization and corded versions can also be optioned for.

10mm and 20mm cell sizes provide another option.

Great for bay windows where the side of the blinds can practically meet (vs roller blinds), reducing the amount of light getting in.

Excellent thermal properties make these blinds an energy efficient window furnishing to compliment your home.

Cellular blinds can be provided for a range of angled and shaped openings.

Specialized versions of the cellular blinds allow for vertical operation as well as skylights.

Cellular blinds offer almost complete coverage (generally 2-3mm each side) of your window opening when mounted in reveal (if window is square).

Easy to operate, versatile and elegant.